Gateway to Excellence for International Students

Founded in 1847, City is an old institution with new ideas. We support innovation and research excellence, and provide exceptional student outcomes for international students.

New York City

Experience a rich student life in the world’s greatest city. We have a vibrant campus community and top attractions, such as Central Park, on our doorstep.

Degrees for Your Future

Prepare for success in the 21st century with a range of practical undergraduate degrees in engineering, science and architecture.

Award-Winning Faculty

Work on advanced research projects and learn from internationally recognized faculty that includes Fulbright scholars, Guggenheim fellows, and Pulitzer Prize and Emmy Award winners.

International students can choose from a range of fantastic degree programs, including:

Degree Programs

  • Anthropology BA
  • Architecture B ARCH^
  • Art BA (Art History)
  • Art BA (Studio)
  • Bilingual Childhood Education Grades 1-6 BSEd
  • Biochemistry BS
  • Biology BS
  • Biomedical Engineering BE*
  • Biotechnology BS
  • Center for Worker Education - Early Childhood Education BS
  • Center for Worker Education – Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and Science BA
  • Chemical Engineering BE*
  • Chemistry BS
  • Childhood Education BSEd
  • Civil Engineering BE*
  • Communications BA (Advertising and Public Relations)
  • Comparative Literature BA
  • Computer Engineering BE*
  • Computer Science BS*
  • Earth Systems Science and Environmental Engineering BE*
  • Economics BA (Business)
  • Electrical Engineering BE*
  • Electronic Design and Multimedia BFA (Graphic Arts)
  • English BA
  • Environmental and Earth Systems Science BS
  • Film and Video Production BFA
  • Geology BS (Earth and Atmospheric Sciences)
  • History BA
  • International Studies BA
  • Management and Administration BA (Business)
  • Mathematics BS
  • Mechanical Engineering BE*
  • Music BA (General)
  • Music BFA - Classical Instrumentalists
  • Music BFA - Classical Vocalists
  • Music BFA - Jazz Instrumentalists
  • Music BFA - Jazz Instrumentalists/Music Education
  • Music BFA - Jazz Vocalists
  • Music BFA - Jazz Vocalists/Music Education
  • Music BFA - Sonic Arts/Music and Audio Technology
  • Philosophy BA
  • Physics BS
  • Political Science BA
  • Psychology BA
  • Publishing Certificate
  • Romance Languages: French, Italian, Spanish BA
  • Sociology BA
  • Teacher Education/Art, All Grades BA:
  • Teacher Education/Biology, Grades 7-12 BS
  • Teacher Education/Chemistry, Grades 7-12 BS
  • Teacher Education/ Earth Science, Grades 7-12 BS
  • Teacher Education/English, Grades 7-12 BA
  • Teacher Education/Mathematics, Grades 7-12 BA
  • Teacher Education/Music, All Grades BA
    Area Studies: Asian-Latin American and Latino BA
    Area Studies: Black-Puerto Rican-Jewish BA
  • Area Studies: Asian-Latin American and Latino BA
  • Area Studies: Black-Puerto Rican-Jewish BA
  • Teacher Education/Physics, Grades 7-12 BS
  • Teacher Education/Social Studies, Grades 7-12 BA
  • Teacher Education/Spanish, Grades 7-12 BA
  • Theater BA
  • Undecided/Liberal Arts BA

*Limited availability
^Fall intake only

Experience Life in New York

City College is located in Hamilton Heights, a multicultural neighborhood in the heart of New York City, where you can enjoy campus clubs and sports, and get to know local parks, shops, music halls and restaurants. Top attractions, such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Bronx Zoo and Coney Island are a subway ride away.

30 minutes from Times Square and top attractions

Make a Difference in the World

Make a Difference in the World (Header): City College has one of the largest undergraduate research programs in New York, so you’ll be able to take part in research that makes a difference. We offer a range of interesting programs in subjects such as biomedical engineering and communications (advertising and public relations).

20 state-of-the-art research centers and institutes

Learn from the Very Best

At City College, you will learn from and be inspired by the best scholars and academics. Our internationally recognized faculty, which includes Fulbright scholars, Guggenheim fellows, and Pulitzer Prize and Emmy Award winners, leads in innovative research projects in fields ranging from science and engineering to the liberal arts.

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